Friday, 28 February 2014

The Venus Factor

Wherever you seem to look, in magazines, on the television, the internet and all over the media there are images of women with the perfect, sought after hourglass figure. It’s not surprising then with all of that publicity and interest that the Venus Factor has created much interest and buzz online.  It has an abundance of user endorsements from women describing how the unique program has forever transformed their lives. Women from all around the planet have been using the Venus Factor to help them lose weight very quickly and in considerable amounts.

What separates the Venus Factor and makes it totally unique from other dieting programs is that it is based upon women’s susceptibility to fluctuating leptin levels and how to keep them at a more constant level. Leptin was discovered in 1995 and was found to be a vital hormone that has a powerful effect on our appetite, and therefore an effect on our weight. It is created in our fat cells and goes around our bodies and up to the brain. It tells our brains that our fat cells contain ample stockpiled energy that enables us to perform at a normal pace.

It has a greater influence on women than it does on men. The Venus Factor has a diet that is designed to maintain leptin levels in women that will turn on the process that burns fat. Levels of leptin are much higher in women than in men plus when women go on a diet, their leptin levels fall so much that it becomes less than those of men. Added to that, the appetite controlling signals, and the signals that start fat burning are also weaker in women.

The more body fat that a person has the more leptin is within the body and this will give a signal to the brain to stop eating so much. It is more difficult for women to regulate their appetite because the signals are not as strong as it is in men.

Venus Factor was created by John Barban. He has a huge knowledge and experience of the dietary supplement industry and he attended the University of Florida where he attained a degree in human anatomy and nutrition.

If you would like to find out more about this exciting women's weight loss system, please check out my Venus Factor Review.